Traditional Gilgiti Men Cap with Feather

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Traditional Gilgiti Men Cap with Feather

The cap is a part of traditional attire for men in many parts of the world. Men from the Gilgit region of Pakistan wear cap styles that are unique to their area. These hats are decorated with feathers and knobs and can be practical for various climates. Men from the region join together to create a traditional hat for the region. Traditional clothing and accessories from different parts bring together people from different areas to celebrate their culture.

Men from Gilgit gather in large numbers during festivals. They wear hats that are traditional to the region. Each hat has feathers and a knob on top. The feathers are typically white shepucks, which are large birds with white plumage and claws. Knobs are typically made of wood or bone and have a leather strap to hold them in place. The caps can be worn at ceremonies or festivals to celebrate traditions while displaying regional pride



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