Dry White Mulberry


Directions for storage

Dried mulberries can be stored at normal room temperature for one year. They should be kept in a sealed container. keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

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Origin: GILGIT

Color      Brown

Weight      2.5 g

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Delivery- within 3 to 5 days

Payment-cash on delivery, jeez card, easy paisa.


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Dry White Mulberry

Mulberry is one of the famous fruit of Gilgit Baltistan. Mulberry is a shrub it has white-colored fruits.  Mulberry has high nutritional and health benefits and plays a vital role in the food industry. Dry mulberries contain 70% carbs 14% fiber, 12% protein, and 3% fat. Due to their delicious flavor, and high nutritional value mulberries are popular all over the world.

Health  Benefits of Dry Mulberries

  • Mulberries may be beneficial against diabetes.
  •  It helps to lower cholesterol levels.
  •  It is very useful to prevent fatty liver disease
  •  and improve  blood circulation
  • Dried mulberries are the best source to boost the fiber content of your
  • Daily diet.
  • Mulberries are rich in vitamin C which is necessary for repairing
  • Tissues and improving vision.
  • Mulberries have 30% of the daily value for iron and 10% of calcium.



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