100% Pure Salajeet

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How to use Salajeet?

Salajeet is available in a liquid form dissolves a small quantity of Salajeet into milk or tea and drinks one a day. The average use of Salajeet is 200mg per day it should not exceed 600gm per day.

BEST Quality Salajeet from the mountains of Karakorum and Himalaya

Salajeet of Karakorum and Himalaya from Gilgit Baltistan is premium quality salajeet. In Gilgit mart, you can find 100% organic and pure Salajeet at affordable prices at your doorstep.


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100% Natural and pure salajeet

100% pure salajeet substance found in the mountains with cold climates has many health benefits. It is a natural supplement that boosts energy levels and protects from many diseases. It contains high amounts of minerals.

Salajeet is a natural substance that is very beneficial for health such as;

  •  Salajeet is best for bones as it contains vitamins and minerals which are helpful for bones
  •  It Purifying blood circulation
  •  Salajeet is very useful for improving the digestive system.
  • The best cure for male infertility

Salajeet has a property that can improve hair health. it contains iron, zinc, vitamin A, and other minerals which can prevent hair loss.

The use of Salajeet on a daily basis can increase the number of white blood cells. It activates two types of white blood cells, splenocytes, and macrophages.


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