Handmade Ladies Velvet Clutch Wallet Small

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Velvet Embroidered


1 pc


24×13 CM

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Handmade Ladies Velvet Clutch Wallet Small

Handmade Ladies Clutch Wallet Small that you quickly borrow with you. Clutches are popular because they are easy to carry and look stylish. They’re also a lot more compact than a handbag, which is especially useful when traveling. Some people even use their clutches as wallets.

The front zipper makes it easy to access items inside the wallet without having to open it up. Plus, most clutches are made from leather, which makes them durable and beautiful. Women can easily carry their essentials in this trendy bag choice.

 A lady’s handmade clutch wallet must have all of these features to be effective and comfortable. Handmade clutches offer flexibility in terms of the organization since they have both inner and outer pockets. Women can customize the compartments to hold different items. 

A handmade clutch wallet is a perfect accessory for busy women who want convenience and style when carrying their essential items. 


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